Harley 103 rough idle

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Tags: Carburetor Installation and Tuning, Video, carburetor tuning and adjustments TRY an IAC RESET and see if it helps At idle mode, the throttle plate is obviously closed Background lighting sould illuminate, 6:1 compression ratio), strong valve springs (the RX3's are quite strong due the engine's high redline), and low crankshaft mass (as is the case for a 250;. Mode 1 - AFR Enrichment. Mode 2 - Skip Fire. Mode 1 will be activated under the following conditions: The engine temperature exceeds 142 °C (Sportsters 230 °C) The Engine RPM is less than 1200 RPM. Mode 2 (Big Twins only) activates if Mode 1 is active AND: The engine temperature exceeds 155 °C. The vehicle speed is less than 1-2 KPH. I log an average of 12,000 miles a year on my Harley Davidson, and since the 10,000-mile maintenance, I began changing the oil and filter every 2,500 miles. In my opinion, the oil gets way too dirty to keep in the engine for 5,000 miles at a time. Even multi-cylinder, liquid-cooled cars recommend changing the oil every 3,000 miles.
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